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Twitter’s New Ad Filter

Good news for all of you tweeters out there! Twitter has been working hard at their drawing boards to bring you a new ad filter, entitled “Twitter Ads Manager”. Although it’s currently only in limited release it should be live in the full and final version over the coming months. Users of the beta version have already found their projects faster to access and easier to understand. The main goal of this project is to “easily view and optimize performance at multiple levels – campaigns, ad groups, or promoted tweets.” It’s currently being achieved through the new centralized workspace used to handle campaigns.

“Due to the improved flexibility and customization in Ads Manager, it’s been a lot easier for our team to turn campaign data into meaningful and actionable insights for our customers. Twitter is thinking about our needs as marketers and we’re excited to see more changes like this in the future.” Said Tommy Trafton a Social Coordinator at Resolution Media

The following is a list of new features that are confirmed and additional ones will follow.

  • Custom filters ~ more quickly find your campaigns, ad groups, or even ads
  • Custom metrics ~ help you more easily monitor metrics that matter most to you
  • export only the necessary data


We want to hear from you! Tell us with you think! For more information, visit the link below.


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