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Guess Who Now Owns LinkedIn!

Yep, you guess it…LinkedIn is now owned by Microsoft who forked over $2.6 Billion in an incredible bold move. Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella has been met with approval and criticism in making this purchase. Thanks to him, users will be thrilled that they can now embed LinkedIn with Skype, its email system and various other enterprise products. Think about it, Microsoft now (literally) controls “one of the world’s most influential, specialized, highly read, constantly-updated (and occasionally annoying) digital media companies.” Reportedly, much of LinkedIn’s value is generated via its content which is believed to be worth as much as 2.9 Billion. Also, the data collect by the site is said to be equally as valuable. The following are some facts on LinkedIn.

  • 433 million users, (1/4+ more than a quarter of whom are in the US
  • founded in California in 2003,
  • 4,500 members joined after its first month
  • 106 million monthly unique visitors to the site
  • 45 billion page views (first quarter of 2016)

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