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Good News for Video Marketing

So it turns out that the small screen video is actually a very effective marketing tool. Videos draw their relatively newfound strength from the smart phone’s jump in usage. This information was realized through a recent study conducted by Howard Blumenstein and Celie O’Neil-Hart, both Product Marketing Managers from YouTube. According to them, 40% of users who visit a business’ website and were able to view useful audio-visual content. In addition to that, another 28% actually went further to make a purchase either online or in the brick and mortar store. Their findings say that on YouTube, 6 in 10 millennials view new content from their favorite producers within 24 hours and that 6 in 10 will follow their advise. Meet the 21st century’s version of the ever-iconic pitchman. Thanks to Google Preferred (service that allows for marketing through YouTube) the top creators on the site have enjoyed a 65% increase in watch time, 66% more likes, and a 65% jump in their number of subscribers. We at the Center for Marketing Research love the idea of this as we look forward to the future.

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