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Pay for YouTube? What?!

In the 10 year history of Google’s video sharing website YouTube, it has always been free of charge to call yourself a user. Would you be willing to pay for a new service provided by the company? Well, needless to say YouTube hopes your answer is “yes”. The concept of this soon to be launched streaming service is by no means a new idea. About a year ago the concept was first drafted up but no much hype was placed around it due to the lack of an official timeline. However, content owners who share revenue with the site were recently notified they were required to agree to new specifications or their material would no longer be made publicly available. The timeline provided by Google called for an October launch date, but that has since been surprised; it’s widely expected to be delayed into 2016.

Surely you must be curious what services YouTube plans to offer that warrant a price tag. We at the Center for Marketing Research have half of that information for you, and the other half…we are just as curious as you. Reportedly, YouTube plans to bundle multiple services into one. The only confirmed portion of the new offering is an updated version of its music service, which launched last fall. A rumored service to be offered is using the site without the disruption of ads and commercials. That will definitely turn some heads, however a $10 rumored price tag may also have the same effect.

We want to here from you! Tell us with you think! For more information, visit the link below.


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