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Google Improving It’s Marketing Skills!!

According to Google, mobile devices that customers rook along with them on shopping trips were responsible for slightly less than 1 TRILLION dollars of in-store sales. In other words, a whopping 28% of in-store sales were made with the influence of a smart device. To us here at the UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, these facts are music to our ears. It goes to show how much advancement has been achieved and the level of importance in regards to smart phones and model devices.

Below are the new features added as part of the revamp

  • “I-Want-to-Know” ~ This feature provides immediate answers to questions that users may have regarding name brands, pricing, discounting, local, etc. Many users quickly swipe trough ads as they shop. The feature gently expands the ad section of the screen when you touch it thereby detailing further information on your products. It will be available in the coming months on all platforms.
  • “I-Want-to-Go” ~ Time is of the essence, and a quarter of shoppers state the will stay away from stores simply to avoid wasting their time or they don’t have any time at all. Soon this feature will help users pinpoint where their desired item is and even directions on how to get there.
  • “I-Want-to-Buy” ~ User engagement is the key. Hence this idea was conceived. This feature makes for a fast, simple, and pleasant experience while purchasing a product directly in the web browser. Users should view this as a hybrid consisting of a regular website and mobile app. A select group of retailers have paired up with Google.

Tell us what you think!! Information was gathered from the link below and you can visit the page for further information.


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