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Good Twitter News!!

Often times, the original purpose of Twitter is debatable among your peers. Some argue that it was conceived as a platform to give short and fast updates to your friends. While others counter that it was built to give frequent bursts of artifacts about your daily activities, especially travel. Several other “theories” and “hypotheses” exist among users. We at the Center for Marketing Research do not have to inform you that people have used it improperly by tweeting enough content to fill a personal journal.

All reasoning, intentions, and actual usage aside…initially one should be surprised that Twitter even has a private chat room, Direct Message (DM for short). Up until very recently users were limited to 140 characters to match the good ole’ Twitter spirit of small statement batches. Now, however, the restriction has been lifted!! The new update sees users with *10,000* character spaces at their disposal. This has been a very welcome and popular update, although some users are a but uneasy. The future will tell if Twitter made friendly communication easier or if cyber harassment more common. Readers, please enjoy your accounts! Use them nicely!

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