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Facebook Watches All Your Videos!

Here at the Center for Marketing research we are sure that by now you’ve noticed your Facebook news feed has been tailored to your reflect your needs and interests. No, that is not a constantly reoccurring coincidence or stroke of luck. Facebook has gone to great lengths to make it’s advertising and information sharing more relevant to its users and its effectiveness is definitive. Now the company has decided to increase said effectiveness by taking new measures!

So exactly how does Facebook watch each video that ALL its users watch? In all reality it does not but what it really does is record the data of videos you’ve watched. It keeps track of what you watched and how long you watched it. The more videos you watch, the higher videos will appear on your newsfeed. And of course, they will be videos with content that fits into your lifestyle. This is a great improvement because users have said they have seen videos in the past, but never felt inclined to engage themselves. This new protocol has lead to more viewing, commenting, and sharing which has delivered more information to users around the world.

Want to know more on this new Facebook protocol? Check out here at


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