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Apple’s New Safari Browser Blocks Ads?

Is this really happening?! Is APPLE, with their enviable marketing strategies, updating a browser and including ad blocking with it?! Yes, it appears such is true. Though it was not at the forefront of Apples’ mentions during their recent keynote announcements, it is a fairly big deal. This is a double-edge sword: users will be thrilled while marketing firms and employees will be horrified!

To all the users out there…adblcoking according to a 2014 study was up 70% in recent years with about 140 blocking ads around the world. We are sure you will keep that up. Until now you were limited to doing so only on a desktop computers, never including mobile devices. Previously special software had to be run and when it finished executing would block ads from the screen. This was a fairly complicated process, but now Apple is introducing a simple app extension to handle it all for you.

To all those involved with marketing…quite frankly this could be a problem, although iOS9 isn’t available until the fall. Also, may we remind you that this only applies to products running Apple’s Safari browser. Of the sites to be effected, one could argue that news companies (especially those who have shifted from papers to digital) will be most affected. Website cookies may also be at risk by this update. That being said, it’s fair to warn that now may be good timing to make changes. This also applies to all sites heavily using ads to help fund their operations.

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