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Best Time of the day for Twitter

We’ve all come to love and cherish Twitter. Surely, we all know someone who absolutely abuses their account, and the TL (time line) of all their followers. Of course, we all know someone who barely uses his or her account. But one aspect we often forget is that some people only tweet during a given window of time. Honestly speaking, everyone has taken a moment to come up with ways to gain twitter popularity. In this blog post, we will cover the best timing for certain activities to occur.

  1. Most views: early morning hours. The data collected by Buffer Social has a calculated average the early morning hours sees the most views. One could imagine people waking up and the first thing they do is turning on their phone and scrolling through their TL.
  2. Most favorites/Retweets: The data proved suggests evening & late night sees the most favorting and retweeting. This must be the time of day people (especially teens) are sitting around on their mobile devices searching through what their friends have to say.
  3. Most Engagement: opposite of most popular time to tweet according the to data. One could infer that most users express their thoughts and share stories all around the same time. Later, they will read, favorite, retweet and comment on other’s tweets. Hence, the opposite timing.

We at the Center for Marketing Research find this information to be very interesting. Surely, this will be a great help for businesses and marketing firms across the world. To our future business owners good luck and put this information to good use!

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