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Cyber Security

Oh the Cyber Security conversation…. wait you haven’t had it? Well then you must not be a frequent user of social media. If you were, then you’d surely remember celebrities’ private pictures being released in 2014. At some point it’s inevitable to avoid seeing a tweet sent from a hacked account. Of course those on TV whom we all love dearly are not the only ones at risk. The following are some others that you might not think immediately, but probably already know about.

  • Medical! Most younger social media users probably wouldn’t understand why the medical field is such a target. Believe it or not, medical records can be valuable in the wrong hands. Magazines would love to obtain embarrassing medical information on celebrities. Surely campaigning government officials would like to make their competition seem unhealthy and therefore unfit to run for office.
  • Government! How many times have you heard of cyber threats against the United States’ Government servers? It’s is always an interesting ordeal to think a person sitting at home in distance location could penetrate government systems and obtain sensitive national information. The threats that come from foreign counties such as China and Russia are downright alarming. It has been said that the next World War could be of cyber nature.
  • Banks! Hacking schemes are becoming more sophisticated. These days, they can remotely install malware onto a machine and funnel information straight to there screens. One scheme in particular is responsible for the theft of up to $1 billion from over 100 banks in 30 countries according to USA Today. See link 2 below

Be careful! Even your personal computers at home are at risk. For some tips and guidance regarding cyber security and how to protect yourself, Click link #1 down below. Be safe!


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