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Social Media & Traveling

It is summer, class has ended, the weather is great (sometimes) and people are spending their time traveling. Let’s be honest… social media has a huge impact on the world of travel. Need to know how? There are a few different ways that you wouldn’t necessarily realize at first. We will cover them below.

Deals~ In previous posts we’ve explained how companies use social media to advertise their products. Airlines, bus lines, cruise companies, amusement parks etc. are no exception. You will never meet a social media user that hasn’t seen a hotel offering discounts for upcoming dates. “stays going hard” as teens say with their advertisement and sales campaigns. That last trip you took; did you visit a travel site like Expedia at least once?
Ideas~ Social media users are always retweeting, pinning, and sharing pictures of beautiful scenery. Could those pictures include a beautiful Los Angeles sunset? How about a crisp Denver mountain covered in snow surrounded by evergreen trees? Let’s not forget about that Chicago skyline or NYC streets. If you were thinking international you’d log in and see the Italy waterways. You also might find the sand and pyramids in Egypt. How about the Beijing Olympic Park? Go ahead, check your social media pages.
Friends~ How many times have your friends posted pictures from the airport? How many times have you seen your friends wearing those cute little bathing suits on a beach in some tropical paradise? We at the Center for Marketing Research do believe if we conducted a study, seeing those pictures would lead to a strong desire (and some jealousy) to travel to a similar destination. Just take a look at the comments. You’re bound to find at least one jealous remark.
Bragging rights~Following up from your friends, be honest: you want to make them jealous too. You know part of your reason for traveling is for the bragging rights and to make your friends jealous like you were. Your travel pictures would surely bring in my likes, favorites, retweets, and shares. It’s always cool to say, “Hey, I’ve been there” when you see the area online or on TV.

That’s what we have to say about social media and traveling. We want your feedback. Tell us what you think! Share some of your experiences with social media and travels!


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