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John Farrell Inspires Young Scholars

Thursday evening, April 30th, 2015, John Farrell was the keynote speaker at 15th Annual Umass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research Celebrity/Scholarship Dinner. The evening started off as many events involving the Red Sox Manager do. He spent time meeting Red Sox fans, taking pictures, and signing memorabilia for the Silent Auction. However, his presence at the dinner grew into much more.

The dinner began with welcomes from the University of MA Dartmouth Provost, Mohammed Karim. Jim Mathes, Chair of the Center for Marketing Research Advisory Board talked about the pride the Board has in the work of the Center and the scholarship program. Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, the event coordinator and Center Director, spoke with much admiration and thanks for Farrell’s presence at the dinner. Farrell was presented with several gifts from the Umass community and political leaders.

Senator Michael Rodrigues awarded him with a citation from the State Senate, the Director of Athletics, Amanda Van Voorhis, presented him with a personalized baseball jersey, and a local artist, MC Lammare created a replica of the final World Series scoreboard for him. With the Provost, Farrell handed out 22 scholarship awards, taking a picture and shaking the hands with each individual winner.

Following the ceremony guests had the pleasure of listening to Farrell’s advice to the scholarship winners. “Find your path and follow it. Work hard and be aware of the opportunities around you.”   He encouraged them to find a direction and stay the course, no matter how difficult. Farrell acknowledged having things in common with the Umass Dartmouth students, having gone to school on a Pell Grant and being a first generation college graduate in his own family. He said he never dreamed of becoming Manager of the Red Sox but considered himself very fortunate to be a part of “the best and most historic franchise in baseball history”.   He laughed about the constant stream of advice from fans regarding the pitching rotation and game strategy, although he seemed to enjoy the interaction.

Farrell’s speech, filled with humor and inspiration, ended with a roaring applause and a standing ovation. His words resonated with not only the scholarship winners, but also the approximately 300 business and community members who were in attendance. The 2013 trophy accompanied John Farrell’s appearance at the 15th Annual Center For Marketing Research Celebrity/ Scholarship Dinner.


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