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Social Media Evolving Marketing

Social media has had such a major impact on the way in which businesses go about their marketing strategies. Said impact is so strong that we’re sure no one could have predicted its greatest, say, 10 years ago. We’ve already covered some of the basic strategies (such as knowing your audience) in previous posts but Social Media has produced some interesting tips.

Make use of proximity and context marketing – target individuals who are nearby your business. For example, Facebook’s Place Tips was used to advertise to pedestrians who walked by a business on their daily activities

Start implementing the mobile version of your website before it’s not too late – Create a version of your site that works well on cell phones and tablets. After all, many existing sites weren’t necessarily designed for the on-the-go pace.

Make your posts stand out on any screen size – the use of bright colors pictures command the users’ attention much more than plain text does. Also, bigger text is easier to read which will be more effective on a smaller cell phone screen.

Monitor your mentions on social media – hey, it’s free feedback. Wouldn’t it be great for the company to better itself before someone asks to speak to a manger?

Use analytics to know the best times to post for mobile users – observe your audience behavior as it will determine the best window of opportunity.


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