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Social Media Killing Industries Part 2

One of the hardest-hit industries since the invention of modern day technologies (laptops, cell phones, mp3 players, and tablets running social media) is the Music Industry. YouTube, Pandora, Google Play, and many other music-streaming services have taken the place of CD and MP3 Albums. The year 1999 saw 4 Diamond albums release. Diamond status is awarded to an album that sells at least 10 million copies. The most recent diamond album was Adele’s 21 in the year 2011. Taylor Swifts 1989 was the only platinum album of 2014. Platinum status is awarded to an album which sells at least 1 million copies. Some artists such as Kanye West have stated they cannot make serious money solely on album sales any longer. Click the link below for music sales since the 1970s.


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