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Social Media Killing Industries Part 1

Does the mention of the steadily decreasing demand of the postal service even need to be brought up now? Who even mails letters or sends post cards anymore? In the 21st-century we’re all sending emails or text messages right? The postal service has for years been struggling to respond to the decline in demand.

Emails and texts are a faster, cheaper method of communication. Of course, there is still something special about receiving a heartfelt post card from family and friends on vacation or business trips. A hand written letter on loose-leaf paper is a thoughtful personal touch. But emails and texts allow for the inclusion of pictures and videos. Who wouldn’t want instant digital media that is readily sharable?

As a more formal aspect, more and more businesses are favoring online services over hard copy mail. These days everything is about speed and profit. What could be better then a bill instantly sent to a customer via the Internet who can then instantly pay their debts online? Also, no one can pitch a case against environmentalists who argue the digital methods save paper from trees and gas from the postal service vehicles. Let’s not forget about the frequently rising price of stamps. Take a look at this article by the Washington post.


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