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Is Social Media Only Social Anymore?

Million-dollar question: is social media only social anymore? In reality, there is a very simple answer to that question…no! Let’s take a minute to remember how social media came to be. During the mid to late 1990s, the Internet’s explosion was just gaining momentum. If you were to ask current undergrad students (who were most likely born around that time period) they’d likely all say they couldn’t really remember a time when the Internet wasn’t a lifeline. Google itself was born in 1996 as a research project between two Ph.D. candidates. Yes, that was less than two decades ago. Initially social media was a way for individuals to connect to each other through the Internet. People were able to keep each other up to date on recent life events, share pictures, and simply get to know each other more. But now, social media is used for much more.

Educational Media:

Teachers, instructors, and professors alike have taken to media as a new aspect of conducting their course. Here at UMass Dartmouth our students use to complete homework, download study guides, as well as connect with their classmates and instructors. Click the link below to find a list of a handful of similar sites.

Political Media:

Careful, its easy to lose a friend or two with this type! (pun intended) Media media has become a very important tool in campaigns for office. Hey, it’s even a bragging right among some politicians. Many have used their accounts to notify their followers of progress they’ve made and also upcoming projects they have planned. US President Barack Obama boasts 54.4 million followers.

Business Media:

The most widely disliked form a media out their today…business media. Gone are the days of logging onto your platform of choice and only seeing your friends. Now you must endure an influx of advertisement cluttering your screen. Let’s be honest, sometimes you do find good deals, which leaves both customer and business happy. So let’s not roll our eyes too much!


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