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If you’re a New England Patriots fan…the words “deflate gate” have surely become a thorn in your side. Sorry. From the newspaper articles, the to the television segments, and yes of course social media you’ve been experiencing some frustration haven’t you? What is your perspective on the matter? Any ideas of what events actually took place before (and possibly during) the January 18th huge defeat of the Indianapolis Colts 45-7? Football fans the country over have taken to their social media accounts to add their on the issue.

Outside of New England, the general mood IS NOT in the Patriots’ favor. Let’s be honest, did we really expect that? People have made statements touching upon many aspects. Understandably, some have questioned the team’s honor and integrity while slamming its reputation. Others have called for the team to be disqualified from the Super Bowl. Although, some people and oddly enough some Colts players themselves have defended the Patriots saying it wasn’t anything abnormal and the outcome of the game wasn’t severely effected.

Within New England, the perspective is that there’s no big deal and that the story have been blown out of proportion. Some even accuse the NFL of purposely dragging their feet on the investigation in favor of more viewers for SuperBowl 49. Most individuals have loyally supported Coach Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady. Quite interestingly (yet predictably) hypotheses of sabotage and secret payoffs have surfaced. Nevertheless, this is sure to be a very exciting game.

What an occurrence! Take to your accounts and have a look for yourself!


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