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Longevity of Social Media

Ever made a comparison between social media platforms? And while making those comparisons, did you ever consider the length of time they’ve managed to stay on top? AOL, AIM, MySpace…all beloved platforms that have, let’s face it, been downgraded to not much more than a fond memory in our personal galleries. But let’s give them their credit for once ruling the Internet and acting as pioneers for social media.

On a different note, Facebook is widely beloved to have been the nail in the casket for MySpace. In its early stages many assumed it too had a limited (thought not known) life expectancy. Boy were we wrong. Many new platforms have been introduced but haven’t claimed the lives of others. Isn’t that something? Social media has progressed from a select few sites on the Internet to upwards of a dozen prominent platforms on the Internet AND in mobile app formats.

How did such a rise come to be? There are a number of obvious reasons. The invention of the smart phone is one that you cannot forget. Another element that is incredible is the use in all levels of education. You also have to consider the more open mind of adults; all to often you see business beg for you “like” of their page, and an obscene amount of advertisement. What other reasons can you attribute to the explosion of social media?


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