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Social Media and the Olympics

In honor of Boston, capital of our beautiful state, being named the American Bid for the 2024 Olympics…

What does social media have to do with the Olympics? Well, almost everything at this point. With last year’s Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and London 2012 Summer Olympics you’re forced into a social media crossroads when the iconic cauldron is lit. Option #1: Use it heavily! During the Olympics you can obtain real time results and to show support of your country. But with all good things it carries a risk of backfiring. Option #2: avoid at all costs! You might bump into results before their aired on TV. After all, the shiny new stadiums can’t do much to evade the time difference.

Now let’s come back home to beloved Boston, Massachusetts. Before the US Olympic Committee gave it the nod, it was highlighted that Boston had the most supports across its social media platforms. What a great help that was! Also, the International committee will be taking notes on how the Boston committee interacts with its citizens and supporters. That is a great opportunity for the city to stand out from its competition. Another great thing is the vast amount of information including venue plans, financial statements, and political discussions.

Congratulations to all of Massachusetts and New England!


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