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Social Media and Indictment Verdict Protests

See anything about the verdicts regarding the #MikeBrown and #EricGarner indictment verdicts on your social media accounts recently? If you haven’t…exactly which social media platform are you accessing on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device? Nevertheless, #icantbreathe has been treading in the top 3 on Twitter for over a week now; a very usually extended period of time. Users have armed themselves with social media to achieve of number of objectives regarding the recently influx of high-profile racial discrimination cases. Immediately following each verdict going public, social media usage soared! Many users expressed their satisfaction of the Grand Jury’s decision not to charge each officer. Some continued to describe some of the details such as errors in the processes. Meanwhile others of the opposite opinion opted to show their disapproval, and describe their grief. They decided to highlight the mistreatment of each victim. The protesting that would immediately follow also found itself a way onto social media. Both sides of the argument reposted articles supporting their views. Many reposted statements made by public figures, and even ordinary citizens they did not even know. Understandably emotions ran high, but it served as a great platform for individuals to join to together for what they believe in. What do you think of social media and social-political debating?


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