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Social Media Jobs?

Social media jobs? Come again, that cannot be a real thing… But a reality check including a quick search on the internet will prove it is not a myth. In 2014 there are now job positions dedicated solely to social media. Before you ask… no, this is not a job that pays someone to hang out on Instagram all day. Many companies now hire employees to run their social media accounts. Bling Jewelry in New York is offering a position paying $17 hour, 40 hours a week. Think about it, all those Wal*mart tweets on your TL (time line) weren’t posted by a company accountant. This has unlocked an incredibly new platform for companies to get their advertise their name. Sales have also seen an entirely new level of success. Companies have branched out to hold sales that are exclusively to their social media followers. Sounds like a great deal when your board on Facebook right? Next time you’re on your social media accounts, pay attention to those company posts.


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