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Social Media and Higher Education

Inevitably, social media has found its way into Higher Education. One could also predict that is has made a home for itself which won’t be deserted any time soon. Sure, when the thought surfaces in your head you envision the students glued to their latest edition smartphone, even though the professor is giving a lesson. Did you just send a chirp on Tweeter during my class?! However, you may want to reimagine that vision thanks to a recent study by They concluded that even faculty has come to embrace this new platform. Slightly more than 70% of faculty says they use social media. Note: 70% is equal to the percentage of the general public. An impressive 55% use that social media in a professional manner and 41% even use it for conducting their courses. Social media in the classroom? Who would have predicted that? Faculty mostly agrees that “the interactive nature of online and mobile technologies create better learning environments” but still express their concerns over maintaining privacy and integrity of the assignments submitted.

What are your feelings on social media in High Ed?

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