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Social Media: Who is Top Dog, Among Adults?

Following up from last week’s post focused on the country’s youth, here is the scene from the adults’ POV. At the end of 2013 about 73% of adults declared they use at least one social media platform. Well, Facebook is still sitting on its throne of solid gold. Given is margin of victory currently at close to 50% over its nearest competitor it’s safe to assume that dominance will not be diminish any time soon. Congratulations to Facebook on its gold medal.

As for the silver medal, this is where the competition stiffens. There are four networks that command about twenty percent of adult users. Distinguishing itself as a professional social media platform targeting networking, job hunting, and professional information is LinkedIn. Boasting a 22% share of users, LinkedIn would collect the silver medal. Close behind it claiming the bronze would be Pintrest with a 21% share of users. Though beloved by the youth, Twitter has to settle for 4th place with 18%.

Aside from comparisons, the social media platforms as a whole are doing very well. Each of the previously mentioned have grown in terms of usage ranging from 2% to 5%. If you have a stake in the social media market, you should be very pleased.

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