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Social Media: Who is the Top Dog?

These days it has become extremely hard, maybe even next to impossible, to find an American teen who is not a user of social media. If you were to ask one of the tens of millions of those users which is their choice social media platform, the winner may surprise you. Facebook has longtime been regarded as the biggest name in the industry. However, it would be fair to argue that many adults and businesses use the platform which boots its popularity. These days, teens still heavily use Facebook but have moved on to nurture some additional, newer platforms. If this were the Olympics, Facebook would earn the bronze medal, Twitter would receive  silver, and  Instagram (owned by Facebook) would be crowned the Olympic Champion. Yes, Instagram. This is a relatively new platform in which its users upload and share pictures and short videos to their followers. Others can hit the like button to express their approval and leave comments for users to see. A recent study by CBS News found the percentage of teen users to be as follows


Fall 2014: 76 percent

Spring 2014: 69 percent

Average: 73


Fall 2014: 59 percent

Spring 2014: 63 percent

Average: 61


Fall 2014: 45 percent

Spring 2014: 72 percent

Average: 59

You can infer that teens probably enjoy a library of their friends pictures on Instagram more than the incredible power house of Facebook and the billions of frequent updates on Twitter. Below is a link to the CBS News study.


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