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Today’s Hot Topic: Ebola Virus Desease

Today’s Hot Topic: Ebola. Yes, just about everyone has heard of it. Unfortunately this diseases has become a household conversation as of recent. If you haven’t heard of it, here is some background information. Symptoms of the disease are usually detected about 2 or 3 weeks after it is contracted. In addition to a visible rash and decreased effectiveness of the liver and kidneys the symptoms include a resemblance of the Flu.

It seems that it originated from the continent of Africa. Since then there have been numerous cases confirmed in the United States. Many citizens have been alarmed and experienced discomfort by the threat it poses. Hospitals and schools among others have begun new protocols to minimize any risks.

Users have taken to social media to voice their thoughts and opinions on the matter. Statements such as “Ebola making it’s mark on the U.S? Time whip up a vaccine” have popped up. Young adults and teens are making remarks such as “Yo I’m not about this Ebola life tho” and some even show their bravery with “Ebola? I’m not even worried. Come get me!” At the moment, Ebola is the #1 trending topic world wide on Twitter.

Log on, see what action is going on!


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