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News Through Social Media

Newspapers used to be a top method to obtain news from. Next came websites such as Yahoo! (which is still a “top dog”) that have frequently upating hot topics sections. Fast forward to current times, social media has proven to be a favorite among those seeking news. Thanks to innovative features across many social media platforms, news is available on an entirely new and greater level. Facebook and Twitter have sections for trending topics embedded directly onto their pages. Users log on, and immediately find bits of news. YouTube also has similar features that allow users to view freshly filmed newshflashes. Let’s not forget that news stations, radio stations, and newspaper companies often maintain their own pages. When a user likes (or dislikes) a piece, they share it to their own pages allowing their friends to view it and offer their own insight. This has been an immense success for the news providers. Teens have access to the latest celebrity gossip and information on topics ranging from television shows to new music. BUT, these news features are not limited to young men and women. No, in fact adults have caught onto these newly created platforms. A recently conducted study shows that about 30% of adults who use Facebook had indeed use it for news. A new potential has been unlocked for news to be broadcast to users worldwide in the form that many have come to love and depended on- social media.

Here is a link to the study on adults and social media news.


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