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New Ecommerce Platform: Twitter

A new topic that has recently surface in regards to Twitter is the recently announced “Buy” button. How does this wok? Exactly how it sounds; one would press said button, be asked for shipping and payment information, then simply wait for their merchandise to arrive in the coming days. A feature already put in place on the social media giant is tweet promoting. Companies can now pay Twitter to promote them. This means that you’ll scroll down your tweet list (often abbreviated as “TL”) and find a tweet advertising a certain company. This has allows companies to achieve an entirely new level of exposure that did not even exist more than say, 6 years ago. In addition to the tweeting, Facebook has an automatic advertisement section in the upper right side of their page. Data from a search you did on Google among other methods is captured and stored. When you log onto your account, something related to that search will be displayed in that area. Goodbye outdated, useless, and annoying advertisement. In conclusion, social media is an effective and innovative tool. Just be careful not to spend all your money!

A link to the article on the new Buy button


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