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Do you know #HowToUseHashtags?

tweetHappy Friday everyone! Today we’re looking at the creation of and use of the #hashtag. Hashtags were originally created to allow people to join a discussion about a particular topic. People are able to use your hashtag, and add to the discussion, thus expanding the views for your original post. This can be extremely helpful in promoting a business.

So how do we decide how we will use a hashtag? In order to make sure your discussion isn’t duplicating or interrupted by someone else’s discussion/posts on the same topic, it is important to ensure that you use a unique hashtag so that the discussion is differentiated from others. How do you know if a hashtag is already being used? , and TagBoard are all resources that allow users to look up existing hashtags.

The full article can be found here for more details about using hashtags and tracking topics.


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