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Don’t Think We’ll Ever See Traditional Advertising Again? – Think Again

We come to you on this Friday morning, looking into the future of advertising, and none other than the leading Internet search engine, Google, is in sight at the end of the tunnel. Google has recently been experimenting in other data related fields than searching the web alone, for example there’s Google Wallet, the Google Smartwatch, and how can we forget to mention Google Glass. Well, we are looking further into the future, after Google Glass in particular is officially released. Google has recently been looking more into the advertising world, and has been envisioning new tech ways to expand upon the “old ways” of advertising — offline.

Among other things, Google has patented a technology to — using a product such as Google Glass — track eye movements, and gather reactions to what is seen, based on your pupils’ dilation. So how is this related to old advertisements? Well, Google will be able to track all of this information, and can then implement a “Pay per Gaze” advertising feature, which will allow for better tracking of interest in advertisements, as well as charge advertisers a more appropriate amount, based on how often or how long their ad was looked at. This is just the beginning, however, as there are many more products that gather data and store information on the cloud, that could eventually be used towards the development of the ads that we see everyday.

This means that someday we may see a return of “traditional advertising”, however it will be more advanced than ever, and be even more useful for collecting advertising data and improving the types of ads that are developed.

For the original article, see here.


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