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InstaVideo Coming Soon?


Good morning Facebook fans! This morning we come to you with news from Instagram in regards to an announcement they’re making today at Facebook.

The photo sharing application that’s generated over 100 million users in it’s short lifespan will be announcing today that it’ll be including a video component to their mobile app. It will give users the chance to share 5-10 seconds worth of video clips to their followers. Instagram said the idea has been forming for the past two years, but they’ve now decided to move forward with this endeavor.

It’s apparent that this may not have been a big shock that Instagram, or even Facebook, would have come out with a video application since other video sharing apps have risen (i.e. Viddy), but is it too late? Facebook has been know to have a few mishaps in the past when trying to compete – as we saw with their Foursquarish “Facebook Places.”

The announcement comes with some speculation as the video idea seems more of an imitation to Twitter’s instant video app, Vine. Speculators feel that the video addition has come late in the game and don’t know how Instagram users will feel about it. Currently, Instagram’s simple interface provides it users to easily flow through their photo feeds, but with the added video clips, users will have to wait for them to load. In essence taking more time and negating Instagram’s ‘ease of use’ motto. An article from All Things D stated Instagram’s elegance and ease of use is one of the key reasons why they’ve had such successes. True!!

Do you think the “InstaVideo” application will be a competitor to Twitter’s Vine app, or is too late for them to conquer this new venture? The All Things D article even stated that Twitter’s Vine app is said to have more features in the works, so will Instagram’s video component even give it a leg up or put it back a few steps?

For a complete look at theAll Things D article, follow the link below. Let us know your thoughts, but until next week everyone!


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