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Sprint Drive First™

SprintHappy Thursday everyone! We hope you all enjoyed your New Years! This week we want to talk to you about a cell phone application by Sprint called Sprint Drive First™. The mobile app can block and automatically reply to text messages, as well as, send phone calls straight to voice mail in an effort to lessen distractions while driving. 

Sprint’s commercial for the app was debuted on December 24th, 2012. The commercial features a teenage girl about to leave her home, but all the while is bombarded with a swarm of text messages surrounding her like which becomes increasingly worse as she approaches her vehicle. As she starts to drive away the swarm of texts fall to the ground.The app will lock a Sprint CDMA Android™-powered smartphone when the phone’s GPS detects motion over 10 mph.

Sprint offers the service for $2 per month per phone via their BlackBerry® devices and their other operating systems in the upcoming months.

We are all guilty of texting some time or another while driving though we know we shouldn’t, but with the aid of Sprint’s app we can better protect ourselves and others from such distractions. According to a Sprint press release, drivers are 23 times more likely to crash if they’re texting while driving,* and the issue of distracted driving continues to be of great concern to Sprint, said Bill White, senior vice president-Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility.

It’s an unfortunate tragedy to hear stories or to know of someone who was affected by a texting & driving accident. Pledging to not text & drive, or enabling the use of such a proactive app, such as Sprint Drive First™, can aid in saving lives and protecting drivers everywhere.

Do you think Sprint’s app is an effective tool to help combat texting & driving? Do you think more cell phone providers should follow in Sprint’s footsteps? Let us know your thoughts!

For a complete look at Sprint’s press release and if you have yet to see the commercial, follow the links below. Until next week everyone!

*Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, July 2009


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