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Redbox Instant Coming Soon…

RedboxHappy Tuesday everyone! We hope you’re close to getting your holiday shopping completed!

In this week’s article, Coinstar, parent company of Redbox, and Verizon have announced the release of Redbox Instant later this month. Redbox Instant will be a video streaming service, much like the already familiar Netflix. The service will be available with a month free subscription and will later be offered at a cost of $8 per month. Users will be able to rent DVDs up to 4 nights per month, but will be charged an additional fee if they go over this limit. On the other hand, Netflix users can keep discs as long as they want, and can only receive new ones when they sent the old ones back in the mail.

Movies from Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Epix, NBCUniversal, and Relativity will be offered. Redbox Instant will focus on providing customers with new-release content over Netflix’s variety of past-season TV shows and older movies, which users have criticized for their lack of newer content.

Though there seems to be pros and cons to using Netflix and the soon-to-be released Redbox Instant, users will decide which option best suits their needs. What do you think? Are you a current Netflix user or do you think Redbox Instant could be a suitable alternative?

For more information from USA Today, click on the link below  Until next week everyone!


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