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You Are Now Defriended

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you’re all home and safe from Hurricane Sandy! This week we come to you with an interesting article from

The ever so intense Presidential debates that have been occurring these past few weeks have sparked heated debates in our social media communities. Conversations among friends, family and acquaintances have led to torn relationships in real-time. When Republican and Democrat supporters voice their opinions to their social media profiles, they’re surprised to see not everyone on their “Friends” list is on their side.

As the article states, “Nearly one-fifth of people admit to blocking, unfriending or hiding someone on social media over political postings, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. The biggest gripes: The offending person posted too often about politics, disagreed with others’ updates, or bothered mutual friends with partisan political postings.”

When we’re face-to-face with others we know when and when not to bring up such touchy topics because we know it may spark arguments, but when people are in the virtual world, it seems fair game. “Since blocking, unfriending, hiding people is the closest social analogue to those real-world examples, it’s not necessarily surprising to see people taking these steps in the virtual space,” says Aaron Smith, a Pew Research associate.

Are you guilty of defriending someone due to their opposing views, or know of someone who has? Let us know, we’d love to hear!

 For the complete article, use the link below. Until next week everyone!


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