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Facebook’s Oldest User at the Age of 101!

Photo via Detlor’s Facebook page

At 101 years of age, Florence Detlor is Facebook’s oldest user. Detlor who lives close to Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California was able to take a personal tour of the Facebook grounds. She was accompanied by Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Detlor has an astounding 4,262 friends, which she believes ensued from her social media fame brought impart by a web article done on her story by CNN on August 29, 2012. Her “About” section reads that she is a 1932 graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California and she’s “looking for a good book to read.” Since joining Facebook in August 2009, shes has only liked 4 pages: BUILD (a non-profit organization); Istanbul, Turkey;, a site that posts animal videos; and Sony Dash, a pre-iPad tablet.

As the CNN article states, social media users 50 and above increased from 22% in 2009 to 42% in 2010, according to a study done by the Pew Research Center. It’s exciting to witness older generations embracing social media and being able to stay connected with others. These tools aren’t just for the youngins after all!

For a complete look at the CNN article, follow the link below. Until next week everyone!


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