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What’s the Weather Look Like Today?

Happy gorgeous Wednesday morning everyone! Don’t you just love how you can easily grab your smartphone and watch videos or check the news? Well, according to a recent study from Online Publishing Associates (OPA), 31% of smartphone users watch videos on their phones, while 29% use their phones to check the news, but do you want to know what is #1 on their list? It’s checking the weather! Forty-seven percent of smartphone users check the weather on their phones.

Why is it so high on the list? Are people checking the weather to contemplate what their clothing ensembles for the day should be, or do they want to be that person that can say, “Well I heard there’s a 60% chance of rain between 12-4pm followed by clear skies for the rest of the night.”

Not to say checking the weather is a bad thing, but with everything else a smartphone can do, checking the weather is the highest!? It’s pretty interesting to think about. Just like a child can be amused by the simplest concepts as Peek-A-Boo, we smart phone users get a kick out of our weather apps.

Other key findings located in OPA’s “A Portrait of Today’s Smartphone User” section, include:

  • Android leads iOS
  • Smartphone users pay for content
  • Smartphone is the preferred media device for many

For a complete look at OPA’s study, click on the link below! We hope you all are as interested in it as we were! Until next week everyone … oh and make sure you check the weather 😉–_Portrait_of_Smartphone_User_–_Aug12_%28Public%29.pdf


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