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Social Media Use Among Top U.S. MBA Programs

Statistically valid research was conducted by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth using U.S. News Best Business School Rankings 2012. Seventy schools participated in telephone interviews including the University of Chicago, Columbia, Rutgers, Yale, the University of Kentucky and Georgetown University.

Every school in our sample is currently utilizing social media to market their MBA Program. Recruitment is the #1 objective and nearly everyone is planning to increase their social media investment.

The missing link appears to be tracking those who first become interested through one of the programs social media sites. Sixty-five percent of schools do not track the number of these prospects who eventually apply to the program, despite recruitment being the #1 objective. If schools plan to increase their social media investments, putting time and money towards better tracking methods is an important next step for top MBA programs.

All information presented here is from “The Missing Link in Social Media Use Among Top MBA Programs: Tracking Prospects”

The Full report available at:


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