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Are You a Facebook Addict?

Happy Wednesday everyone! The school year is winding down, so does that mean you’ll be spending more time on Facebook? In this week’s article we ask you … Are you a Facebook Addict?

According to a Huffington Post article, “Norway’s University of Bergen recently published the results of its “Facebook Addiction” research project, finding that women are more likely to develop an addiction to the social network that boasts more than 500 million daily users.”

The study found that women were more susceptible to acquiring a Facebook addiction, but even more so, younger users are more likely to have a Facebook addiction.

If you scroll to the bottom of the article, there are 6 questions and you have the options to choose: very rarely, rarely, sometimes, often or very often to respond. If you answer “often” or “very often” you will be considered a Facebook addict!!

Check out the full article and to take the test to know … if you dare 🙂 Let us know what you rank! Until next week…


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