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Photoshopping .. To Do or Not Do?

Happy Tuesday everyone! Thank you all for joining us last Wednesday for our Celebrity Scholarship Dinner, it was such an enjoyable night! As for this week we will be talking about the famous tool-Photoshop. Do you think the media is overusing Photoshop for the good or the bad? Some argue its a useful tool to enhance images, while others believe by altering the images, especially photos of women, it sends negative messages to our youth and other viewers.

An article by Mashable Social Media details a story of Julia Bluhm, a 14-year-old teen, who rallied an astounding 7,000 signatures on her petition to have Seventeen Magazine print pictures that have not been photoshopped in their upcoming issues.

Bluhm describes herself as a feminist and an activist. She also does blog posts for the SPARK Movement, a girl-led movement fighting the sexualization of women in the media, according to the article.

It has also been see by Tumblr and Pinterest that they’ve recently changed their policies regarding the promotion of pro-anorexia content. This is a great move in our opinion of helping promote more positive images to the audiences that view content on these sites. It has to start somewhere by those who find it right to do so.

Do you think magazines that promote to younger audience groups (i.e Seventeen Magazine & Teen People) should make it their responsibility to promote positive body images for young women? We definitely think it is a place to start and other media advertisers should do the same, but what do you all think?

For a complete look at this week’s article, check out the link below. You’ll also find a slideshow on the site showing just how Photoshop is being used on images we’ve seen in our media. Thank you all for reading and let us know what you think in the comments below! Until next week….


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