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The End is Near for Instagram!?

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have some exciting news!! Facebook has just bought Instagram for an astounding $1 billion! If some of you are not familiar with Instagram, it’s a popular photo-sharing app that has taken smartphones by storm since its release 2 years ago.

Though some people are excited about today’s news, other are opposing Facebook’s latest purchase saying it could mean an end to Instagram. Facebook has purchased Gowalla (a location-based social network) and FriendFeed (a social aggregation site) in the past and both have ceased to exist. If you look at the facts Gowalla was already not doing too hot because people were using Facebook’s Places and Foursquare, both more popular at that time. Then, if you look at FriendFeed is just never really evolved.

Mark Zuckerburg has made it clear that he will leave Instagram’s interface alone. This just means they will not redesign or advertise on Instagram. Mark does plan though to create a way for Instagram to be integrated more with the new Timeline layout. Currently, users cannot “highlight” their Instagram photos-meaning photos can’t expand the two Timeline columns.

It hard to believe that this popular 2 year old app, which has grown in the likes by many, could just disappear. What do you think? Do you think Instagram will benefit or hinder from Facebook buying it over? Let us know, we’d love to hear! Until next week everyone….


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