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Quick and Easy Tips for Social Media SEO

Happy Wednesday everyone! Do you know what SEO means? For those of you who haven’t heard of this term, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your company’s website on a search engine result page (i.e. Google). A true Internet marketing strategy will consider what key phrases or terms consumers will use when searching, what search engine sites they use most, and how search engines work. After a website implements SEO, it will be pushed toward the top of search engine result page.

Ever wondered how you could improve your SEO for your social? Well, according to, here are 4 easy tips to do just that!

1. Apply your keyword strategy to social media: Keep keywords that you use for your different social media sites consistent to ensure they will remain together when your content is searched by consumers.

2. Don’t get keyword-happy when creating profiles: Keep your profile name simple. In other words, just use your company’s name and let your profile’s description be the section where you explain your company is about.

3. Encourage blog readers to share your content: Ask readers to share your blog’s content to bring in new readers and to expand your online community.

4. Include employees in your sharing strategy: Allow your employees to share your content. For example, make easy sharable links that your employees can simply retweet to others.

Try out these tips and see if you can bump your sites up and let us know if you’re successful, we’d love to hear!

For a complete look at this week’s article. Click on the link below. Thanks again for reading! Until next week…


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2 Responses

  1. I like the way you are making things easier to do. As a real novice in blogging, getting this type of help is wonderful.Thanks for showing us new ways to do things!

  2. Abdul says:

    Very neat blog.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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