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Look Who’s Talking About CMR!

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week we are happy to announce another exciting happening at the Center. We’ve been mentioned in the Financial Times’ article, ‘Ownership’: Is it about selling or service?” If some of you are not familiar with Financial Times, it’s pretty much the Wall Street Journal for the rest of the world.

To think that such a well-known international business newspaper is referencing our Fortune 500 study is such an accomplishment for our facility. We are so glad that our research can be used to help others and shed light on the uses of social media among these industry titans.

The article explains the ever so repeating dilemma, “How can social media be used in corporations and who should take responsibility in managing those efforts?” The author of the article, Ajay Makan, references a recent PR week survey that found just 4% of US companies have a separate social media team. Some companies hire agencies to handle their social media plans, but “the trade-off is that agencies can never be as embedded in the culture and message of a company as employees.”

As our study showed, social media has leveled off among the Fortune 500. Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, our Center’s director explains, “The shine has worn off social media. If companies cannot find a metric to show social media are generating a return on investment, they may no longer feel obliged to throw resources at, say, Facebook and Twitter, in the way they did when they were new.”

Below is the link to the article, but you must sign up to read it in full. Don’t worry it’s free!! Anyhow, thank you all for stopping in once again! Until next week!!


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