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Get Some Woman in the Boardroom, Would You Please!?

Happy Thursday everyone! This week we’re discussing a topic that has generated scrutiny from the public. Facebook, which has recently announced they’re going public, has no females board members. Can you believe it!? Some individuals online and in the public eye, such as Facebook’s own COO Sheryl Sandberg, believe females should advance into positions of power, including the boardroom. Since Facebook’s board is made up of only men, outsiders and woman activists wish to see woman added into these seats.

Facebook’s mission is to connect, drive social and cultural change, and help interactive its online community. Unfortunately, this is not seen in their male dominated boardroom. Some state, “Well maybe they haven’t found any qualified females to fill those positions?” Maybe, but why doesn’t Facebook add their own COO into their boardroom? Sandberg was ranked 5th on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women and she’s known for helping build and transform some of the most dynamic tech and social media companies of our lifetime, according to Forbes online. Sandberg seems to have the experience and the credentials, wouldn’t you say? So why not make her a board member.

What do you think? Do you agree that woman should be added to Facebook’s board, or do you think an all male board is perfectly fine? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know 😉

For a complete look at this week’s article, use the link below. Until next week everyone!!

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