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Social Media Research Is Where It’s At

Hi everyone! This week’s article comes from Chadwick Martin Bailey’s (CMB) Research Blog. If you’re not familiar with CMB, they provide marketing research and consulting services to their clients to help identify opportunities, overcome challenges and build customer loyalty.

Cathy Harrison, CMB’s social media researcher, blogged about how social media research is behind the eight ball when compared to social media marketing “in terms of getting past the hype.” Some people think that just talking or listening about social media can take the place of marketing research in an effort to try and save money. Though this is true, talking and listening can only go so far until you need to implement other tactics.

In order for a company to see if something will work, some form of research must be done. If you create a new product, you can talk about the market it will be used in and how you believe it will be successful, but if you don’t actually sell and test how consumers like the item, your talking is only going to get you so far. There must be some form of measurement to understand how your product is actually doing.

Using social media in your business can either help or hinder the connectivity you have with your staff and customers. Your business’ objectives may be totally different than your competitors, so it’s vital to understand what will be beneficial for your company’s use. Chatting with others to gain feedback on what social media outlets could be useful is encouraged, but to see if your efforts are actually working, you need to have measurable data to prove it. As Harrison states, “NO analytic tool or technique is a one-size-fits-all solution.”

Thank you all again for stopping by .. Let us know what you think about this week’s topic, we always love to hear from you. Until next week!


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