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Future Here We Come!

Happy Thursday everyone! In this week’s article we take a look at some of the most amazing mind-blowing technologies that could be coming our way in the near future. The videos that are attached in HuffPost’s article are truly incredible to say the least. To think that these products could encompass our everyday lives in the next decade or so is utterly unbelievable.

After watching the videos myself I was at a lose for words to think that someone could envision such products. The shear innovation, originality, and simplicity the creators wish to convey to the audience definitely requires a round of applause. Come on give it!! The HuffPost article also links to another article which highlights some of Apple’s patents for their most coolest product concepts. Though some of these products may not even see the light of day, as the article points out, it’s still fun to see how far Apple is willing to go in their product advancement.

Out of the 11 product video, here are some highlighted items you may enjoy:

Video 1: You may be familiar with Corning’s who makes the super-strong “Gorilla Glass” that might cover your smartphone’s touchscreen.Their video features “A Day Made of Glass” where every surface a person may encounter from the time they wake up, go to work, and come home again is featured in the 5 1/2 min story. Touchscreens are embedded into the glass in the bathroom, to the glass counter tops allowing the user to see the weather for the day, or to talk face-to-face with grandma.

Video 2: Bending and twisting smartphone! At the Nokia World 2011 Conference, a bending and twisting smartphone was unveiled to showcase the capability to remove a touchscreen based phone. It allows users to program a series of bending/twisting motions into the phone which enacts a particular command. Though a cool idea, some don’t think this product will flourish due to users not wanting to remember a series of bending/twisting commands vs just using a touchscreen operated smartphone.

Video 3: Roll-out laptop .. The laptop is in a rolled-up state and is carried on your shoulder and the strap acts as the power cord. Simply .. check the video out! Very cool and exciting product!

Video 4: Nokia HumanForm. This is another smartphone created by Nokia which they presented at the Nokia Conference. Though it was only in video format the phone is truly remarkable. It’s a complete flexible phone, gesture interactive, touch sensitive, flex and twist controls, mood recognition, and more!

Hope you liked this weeks article, but let us here at the CMR know which products you found most amazing. We love to hear from you! Until next week everyone 🙂

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