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Facebook “Smart Lists” or Google+ “Circles?”

Happy Thursday everyone! You know those photos or posts you want your friends to see, but not your co-workers? In this week’s article we look at Facebook’s “Smart Lists.” Facebook is making Smart Lists available to you so you can avoid this little problem (should be accessible to all users by the end of the month). The feature has been around since 2007, though you may have missed it, but the updated version will save you time by automatically grouping your friends for you. Smart Lists groups your friends under three categories: co-workers, friends you go to school with and people who live near you.

This may bypass the need to manually sift through your 1,XXX friend list, but what if you don’t want certain friends grouped into only those three categories? Don’t fret; the lists are customizable so you can edit the groups and you can add your own groups as well. Google+ gives you the option of creating your own “Circles” (or categories), but you manually have to group your friends. Do you think you’ll utilize Facebook’s feature? Do you Facebook feature is more feasible than Google+ Circles? Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear!

For a complete look at the article, check out the link below. Thanks to everyone for reading and enjoy your weekend!


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