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No More Social Media?? How Will We Survive!?

We at the Center hope all is well for those who were affected by Hurricane Irene. With that said, it brings us to this week’s topic: Can you survive without your social media sites?

It was through this time that many individuals were left without power and therefore disconnected from their social media outlets. Some of us had to drive around or sit in our cars just to charge our dying phones so that we wouldn’t be Facebook or Twitter deprived. It’s a funny thought, but its premise does hold true. People were posting pictures of fallen trees while others were tweeting updates about where Irene was hitting using #Irene, but others without smartphones had to wait for power to be restored.

Because many were left without power throughout the duration of the storm, it gave us time to do things we wouldn’t normally do on a given day. Personally, I was playing cards, making shadow puppets, reading magazines/books, and other miscellaneous activities since I couldn’t use my computer or access any other electrical devices. It was a time you could simply breakaway from Facebook updates or tweeting and go back to regular fun activities from “back-in-the-day.”

I love Facebook just as much as the next person don’t get me wrong, but since I couldn’t use it the entire day finding other activities to occupy my time was enjoyable. How do you spend your time to get away from social media, not just when your power is out, but in general? We’d love to hear your tips!

Check out this week side article for other fun tips on how to disconnect from social media. Hope you enjoyed this week’s topic, until next week everyone!


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