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New Facebook Privacy Settings! Will They Satisfy Users, or Create More Concern?

Well its official everyone! Facebook has finally revamped some of their privacy settings which go in effect today, but only to 1% of their over 750million users. Who knows when each of us will see these changes, but the changes do look promising though some feel they should have been in effect way before.

Facebook introduced 2 areas of focus: “what shows up on your profile, and what happens when you share something new.”  Before, when you wanted to edit a privacy setting it could only be accessed through your “Account” drop-down menu, but now it will be inline with the “Edit Profile” page. Instead of having to use two different pages to edit your content, it can now be changed in one click via an icon drop-down menu located on the side of what you’re changing. It makes it faster to update, but it makes the settings page easier to user.

More new features you can expect to see:

  • You can tag people you aren’t friends with
  • You can review who tagged you in posts or photos before they are posted to your profile (this goes for non-friends who may tag you in posts or photos also)
  • You can review the tags others add on your photos
  • “View Profile As…”: After you edit your privacy settings you can view you profile as “a friend” or “friends of friends” so you can see how it looks to those parties.

These edits do seem positive, but the one that sends up a red flag is how you can tag people who you aren’t friends with in posts or photos. Facebook thought that limiting its users to only being able to tag their friends in their photos and posts “felt broken or awkward.” Having to send friend requests to those individuals who you weren’t friends with in order to be able to tag them was time-consuming. You can still review the tag by a non-friend to approve or reject it, but some may feel this is invading on their privacy. What do you think?

To see the full HuffPost article, click on the link below which also directs you to the actual Facebook blog that details the changes even further. Have a great rest of your week everyone!


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  1. Boni Satani says:

    Definitely it will be helpful to users!
    People like me wants such updates
    Facebook Update: New and Powerful Privacy Control Feature

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