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Facebook vs. Google+

What does Google+ offer its users that Facebook doesn’t? Should you switch to this up-in-coming social network provided my Google, the search engine giant? Lets see…

1. “Hangouts” (group chat video calling, while Facebook only now provides one-on-one video calling)

2. “Sparks” (news updates, not Facebook friend news feed updates)

3. “Circles” (easy to access friend “circles” allow users to select who they will share what information/photos to)

4. See updates from people who aren’t in your Circles

5. Chat with people who aren’t in your Circles

6. Google+ embedded in Gmail

As a side note it seems that #4 & 5 may have privacy issues for Google+ users. In #4’s case, users who aren’t in your Circles can follow you (as someone using Twitter can), but they can see your updates without the person who’s being followed consent. In #5’s case, people who aren’t in your Circle can still jump into your chat sessions or “Hangouts.” If a person doesn’t wish to add a specific person to their Circles it shouldn’t be a feature where others can still jump in. Google+ is still in its trial stage so not everyone is open to the new social network, but once it is this could be a potential privacy issue users may have. Just like Facebook, Google+ may face privacy controversies in its future. What do you think?

For a complete look at the article and to see what Google+ and Facebook have in common, click the link below. Thank you for reading again everyone, until next week!


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