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A New Social Network! Can Facebook Be In Trouble?

Ok everyone, this week is a great week because Google has just release its prototype to their very own social network, Google+! Now don’t go scrambling to start your accounts because only some people were chosen to test it out, sorry :-(. In the mean time you can still checkout what features it will provide and the privacy perks it says it holds better than Facebook.

Instead of sharing videos, pictures, statuses to everyone you have on your friends list like on Facebook, Google started “Circles.” Now, users will be able to designate which circles you share your info to. You can have a group for your boss, your friends, and one for just mom and dad. There will also be a feature known as “Sparks” that notifies users of videos, articles, and photos it thinks you’d like on those procrastination moments throughout your day. Google also introduces “Huddle,” a video group chat feature which allows users to talk to their circles in one area at the same time.

Does Google+ pose a threat to Facebook and its 700+ million users? Do you think these features are promising? Would you create an account? Tell me what you think, I’d love to hear!

Check out the links below for more info, and thank you all for stopping by once again for this week’s article. Until next week!

9 Things you Might Want to Know:

Check out the Demo! <–Link here to be sent an email to when Google+ is available for everyone.


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