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The App Is In

For all of you iPad lovers, Facebook is finally coming out with its very own app for iPad to be released in the next few weeks. “Zuckerberg has been overseeing the design decisions for the app’s unique features,” says a Facebook employee. It has been said by those who have already seen the app that the application has a sleek design specifically modified for the iPad’s interface. The developers of the app said its features will be different than those present on Facebook’s internet site. iPad users will be able to take photos and upload them through their iPads by the built in cameras.

It has also been rumored that Facebook is ready to compete with Apple’s App Store by “developing its own platform based in Apple’s Safari browser” through what they call “Project Spartan.” Why wouldn’t Facebook try its hand at competing with Apple with their nearly 700 million users? That could be a nice chunk of the market, but who knows. The browser could serve as a place for gaming and making available other Facebook apps, but until Facebook goes any further with this idea, users can use the app Friendly. According to HuffPost Tech, the app will “essentially reformat Facebook to make it more tablet-friendly” for the iPad until Facebook can challenge Apple’s mobile devices.

For more information on the completed article and a video explaining Project Spartan, click on the link below. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your week!


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